Alexander Gersts Pressekonferenz nach der Landung

Der deutsche ESA-Astronaut Alexander Gerst soll morgen, am 20. Dezember 2018, zur Erde zurückkehren. Begleiten werden ihn seine Kollegen, die NASA-Astronautin Serena Auñón-Chancellor und der Roskosmos-Kosmonaut Sergei Prokopjew. Für den Morgen des 22. Dezember ist dann eine Pressekonferenz im Europäischen Astronautenzentrum der ESA in Köln geplant. Design & Data wird dieses Event mit einem Livestream im Auftrag der ESA begleiten.

The International Space Station ISS will be under the command of Alexander Gerst until the end of the “Horizons” mission. This concludes after a total of 197 days in space. He will have been in space for longer than any other European astronaut, 363 days. His two missions, taken together, have spent nearly a full year in space. The team should land at 06:03 CET in the Kazakh steppe in the Soyuz capsule (there it will then be 11:03 clock).

After landing, Alexander Gerst is flown via Norway to the European Astronaut Center in Cologne. His mission is not over yet: In the research facility : envihab will examine how his body has changed in the six months in space . Numerous blood samples, fitness tests and sample examinations are waiting for him.

On Saturday, December 22, Alexander Gerst, together with ESA Director General Jan Wörner and Frank de Winne, Head of the European Astronaut Center EAC and responsible for the ISS operation, will answer questions from 11:15 to 12:15 CET. You can follow the livestream of this press conference here:

More information about the “Horizons” mission can be found here: