In einer neuen Videoanimation stellen wir „ONION“ vor, ein Programm von SpaceTec Partners im Rahmen von Horizon 2020, einem Forschungs- und Innovationsprogramm der EU. Die Videoanimation richtet sich an Projektbeteiligte und Projektinteressierte und gibt einen objektiven Überblick über das vom Konsortium vorgeschlagene Konzept – nämlich die Nutzung von Copernicus durch innovativen Einsatz vernetzter Satellitensysteme zu optimieren. Die anvisierten Ziele dieses Lösungskonzepts werden in allgemein verständlicher Sprache erläutert.

The space industry is currently undergoing rapid and remarkable change. On the one hand, we are seeing increasing modularity and miniaturization of technologies, reducing the cost of access to space. On the other hand, distributed satellite systems such as Planet Labs’ Dove satellites are being launched , opening up a wealth of new possibilities in the design of space architectures and promising improvements in the performance, reliability and efficiency of current and future space missions.

ONION, coordinated by Thales Alenia Space (France), is a blueprint for an “Operational Network of Individual Observation Notes”. This vision aims at distributing satellite functions among multiple cooperating satellites, which orbit the earth in different orbits and can be used for a wide range of applications, from Earth observation to space exploration.

Together with the consortium partners, SpaceTec Partners has concluded that the Copernicus program does not adequately meet the needs of certain user communities, such as the specific performance needs of users in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic to access data. With this in mind, a tailor-made use case has been developed, which presents an optimal architecture for improvements with the help of ONION. The animation was produced by Design & Data and visualizes the complex architecture and operational structure of the ONION H2020 project.

“In R & D projects of this kind, video animations are IMPOSSIBLE to reach the public or the non-scientific public and to make the project short, easy to understand and attractive. Design & Data’s ONION video has met with great approval from the European Commission and can be considered the most important communication tool for the project. “ – Udrivolf Pica, Senior Consultant at SpaceTec Partners

From the point of view of Design & Data GmbH, this project demonstrates our expertise in content marketing and cross-media communication for aerospace and science and shows that we are able to make a valuable contribution to the scientific Horizon 2020 research projects. We are happy to support other projects in a similar way and look forward to future inquiries.

Further information about ONION can be found here: